DrupalCamp New Jersey, talk slides, and thanks!

New Jersey's first ever DrupalCamp was on Saturday, Feb. 4. I had a heck of a lot of fun, both on the day of the camp and during the weeks leading up to it.

At the end of my talk about Menuing Strategies, I joked that if you ever want to learn about a Drupal topic, volunteer to give a talk about it. This camp marked the approximate end of the first year of my experience working with Drupal. And I want to encourage anyone who is starting out with Drupal to do something that you might think you aren't qualified to do: GIVE A TALK! If you're serious about giving a good talk, you'll be qualified by the time you get there.

And you never know; you might learn from the people in your audience. I want to thank the people in my talk who brought up mega menus and the Special menu items module. These suggestions will help me with some needs that I have for upcoming projects.

If you have having trouble with subitems not appearing or creating menus that have separate displays for top level items and subnavigation, take a look at my Menuing Strategies slides (or the HTML only version).